2014 GL1800 and IPhone 5

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  • 2014 GL1800 and IPhone 5

    When I first brought the new bike home my IPhone 5 the phone plugged right up to the usb connection in the trunk. Then the connection became unreliable.
    I have tried 3 different apple cords with no success. My older iPhone 4 works fine. Has anyone had similar problems? thanks!

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    Originally posted by Road Seeker
    Just an Technology suggestion have you closed all the apps and powered off the iPhone and try it then?
    Yes! Thank you!!!! Worked like a charm! I am no longer bummed out over this, full control over music and audio books!

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      Road Seeker...Good tip! Thanks, I will try and remember it for my new bike in December.

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        Unless it a certified Apple cord it may stop working for the IPhone 5. Apple has a chip in their IPhone 5 cords and many aftermarket IPhone 5 cord do not have this chip and they will stop working when you plug them in.

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          I go threw the same problems can't use the cheap stuff with Apple.
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