Unkown Connector with Jump Wire

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  • Unkown Connector with Jump Wire

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-0995.jpg Views:	0 Size:	138.8 KB ID:	139378 Hi all!

    I installed the fog light indicator light and noticed a connector with nothing attached other than a jumper wire. I've only owned this bike for a few weeks so I don't know a lot about it in general or its history. The red arrow in the photo is the mystery connector. The yellow arrow on the photo is the harness for the indicator light.
    My only guess would be a jumper to have the fog lights remain on while the high beams are on???

    Thank you from the Michigan West Coast.

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    Your guess is correct … if you remove the jumper connection your fog lights will go off with hi beams. This is required in some states.
    2007 GL1800P:bow:

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      Originally posted by Don Messick View Post
      Your guess is correct …
      What he said.

      Some of us run the Hi's all the time so idiots "Might" see us?
      So having the running/fog lights on at the same time "Hopefully" increases them odds?

      If not?
      Take it up a notch and run Headlight Modulators. (I love the morons who pull over, thinking a cop uses white lights to stop you)

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      • Fat_Tommy
        Fat_Tommy commented
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        Rocky, Do you have a brand modulator you recommend for use with LEDs? Do you know if it shortens the life on the LEDs? Thanks

      • Rocky
        Rocky commented
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        Fat_Tommy. I use Kisan.
        Contact them for the LED style.

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      I enjoy the people who pull over when using the modulator, lol I think- these people got a drivers license????

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        Same here. White bike, modulators, everyone thinks I'm a cop :-)

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