Replacing front springs

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  • Replacing front springs

    Gooday, I've got a new-to-me 15 year old unit with just 37k miles on it and will be replacing the fork seals and bushings because of a slight leak.
    My question is: should I also replace the springs while I'm at it?

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    As a mechanic. Although Honda does sell the OEM for springs for cheap. at only 37K on the odometer.

    I wouldn't bother changing the springs at this time.

    I'd wait until you Think stiffer springs are needed?.(Bottoming out etc)

    The reality of aftermarket springs is.
    You may stop bottoming out (If that's why you need firmer springs?)

    But you will be making the bike "ride stiffer in all conditions". because of the firmer springs to keep the bike from bottoming out!!

    In other words it's a trade off. No more bottoming out - But Firmer ride all the time, not as smooth as OEM springs.

    Things to consider.?????
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