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  • 2012+ Dragon Wings vs other wind management

    Just purchased a (new to me) 2013 Goldwing in March of 2019. Recently retired and getting back on the road after a 30 and have year hiatus and have put 7k miles on my lovely Ladygray!

    I am looking into installing some wind deflectors for wind management and in doing a good amount of research, ran across Kuryakyn's Dragon Wings.

    Any thoughts on this type of design vs the "regular" designs from the other brands?

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    Personally, not a fan of wind management by making the bike wider than it is...

    For truly effective wind management, look at the Windbender windshield system for the GL1800.


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      There was a pair of Dragon Wings on my first 1800. Personally, I wasn't fond of them; they blocked well, but I couldn't get them to give me much wind no matter which portion I opened. Switched over to Baker Wings and never looked back.
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        What he said...☝🏼

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          My 2015 is the third GL1800 I've owned. Every one of them have sported Baker products. The '01 had the full compliment but I found the big Wind Wings caused more turbulence for me than I wanted. The Hand Wings are WONDERFUL!! Besides keeping cold and some rain off the hands and letting me funnel air on myself when needed; the Hand Wing vastly reduce the passenger discomfort .
          I'm like an old race horse. Can still go the distance but need more rest between outings.

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