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  • Electrical gremlins

    Rode home yesterday and parked my 2017 level 3. No problems. This morning I tried to start it and it just spins over fast, engine light flashing, display going crazy like a tv channel between stations. Turned it off n tried again several times, same thing. Was just about ready to forget it and take the hummer but decided to try one more time and it starts up. WTH??!! Yesterday morning it was making a grinding noise when I hit the reverse switch and was slipping backing up.

    Bike has 12,000 miles. Beginning to wonder if I got a lemon. Goldwings ain’t supposed to do this. I guess it’s make an appointment n leave it for a month if not more.


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    It's a machine all are subject to an issue(s) at times. You have a warranty let Honda figure it out.

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      I sure wish I had your warranty. In the last two days I've had a short materialize on my 08. We had it apart replacing the air filter and some other preventative maintenance. Today the voltmeter had the battery down near 8 volts. Checked the battery and it took a charge. We took the bike back apart and kept checking with a voltmeter as we unplugged one thing after another. We thought we found it in the headlight adjuster/hazard/foglight button assembly, but I don't think we did. It may be in one of the relays. Which one? Beats the hell out of me.

      Use your warranty. Wish I had one.
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        Yeah I got the extended warranty so I’m covered till 2025. It’s just a PIA to leave it at the dealership. Now I see why most of y’all have more than one bike. Wish I could have afforded to keep my 1500 as a spare.

        Good luck on yours.

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