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  • 12v socket location

    Looking to mount a 12v socket somewhere without taking the whole bike apart

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    The standard location for a 12V socket is in the left fairing pocket. There's a connector under the pocket that the Honda one plugs right into. You can buy it here or probably at several other places:


    You will have to remove the left side fairing trim and the pocket but that's a 5 minute job.

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    • Doc832
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      If that removal is 5 min job to clear the parts out of the way I watched to wrong videos. Any direction would be helpful to get that installed. Bought it a few weeks ago and it is sitting waiting to be installed. Watched the video from Max mcallister and it was pretty involved. Thanks for any help or direction in the future.

    • trewm
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      Doc832, you have a pre-2018 right? What video did you watch? The 2018 is MUCH more complicated.

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    If your intent is to power a GPS, radar detector, MP3 player, the one that trewm mentions is what many start out with.

    However, if your intent is to (only) recharge a cell phone, they do make those that have a USB output also:


    Good luck!

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      They also make a plug-n-play extension that will get power over to the right side fairing pocket.

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