Are These the Correct Plugs for a 2004 GL1800?

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  • Are These the Correct Plugs for a 2004 GL1800?

    I'm about to change my spark plugs in my 2004 GL1800 Goldwing. The spark plugs that are currently installed are NGK BKR6E-11. I just received a new set that are NGK BKR5E-11. I've seen both throughout the web under Honda GL1800 Goldwing O.E.M. parts. Anyone know what the difference is between these two? I'd appreciate any input that you may have. Thank you, Ray

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    the BKR5E is a hotter plug than the 6
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      Thanks for the input...... Now I'm really confused. See link below........
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        To the best of my knowledge the NGK BKR6E-11 is the standard plug that is installed at the factory and will give 99% of us the correct performance for the riding that we do. I've used that plug # for over 230,000 smiles on 2 GL1800's that I've owned with no ill affects.
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          "Some manufacturers numbering systems are opposite the other - for Champion, Autolite and Bosch, the higher the number, the hotter the plug. For NGK, Denso and Pulstar, the higher the number, the colder the plug."...simply confirming Tony's earlier response.

          Short answer - you got the wrong plugs; get the 6's and you'll be fine.
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            Thank You goes out to all of you that responded! I sincerely appreciate your responses. I switched them out for the NGK BKR6E-11 standard plugs. Thanks again, Ray

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              I have used NGK plugs for years. Good results. Be careful. The NGK plug seems to be one of the top counterfeited spark plug out there.
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              • kwthom
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                I was reading about that...crazy stuff people do!

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                Yes I also read an article about that and I believe they showed a picture showing the real plug and the counterfeit plug and how to spot the difference.
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