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    Hi, everyone. I decided to join as I have new to me 2015 GL18002ac with 30,000 miles. And I try to do most my own maintenance but the bike has the extended warranty. So not exactly sure what they are covering.

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    Neal. You are as stupid as everyone thought you are!. Nice try.

    Neal aka vneal who was banned for trying to hack my account,and had two bogus board names!
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    You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

    When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

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    • Cruiseman
      Cruiseman commented
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      Did you see an IP address that I should be concerned about?

    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      PM sent.....

    • Madrebel
      Madrebel commented
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      That guy is one sick puppy! 🙄

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    Rocky is on the case. He is usually right Cruise. Only time I've seen him wrong is when he disagrees with me. HA!!!

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    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      Shoot'r. If I agreed with you-Then we'd both be wrong!

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    Rocky would not make that statement unless he was absolutely sure.

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      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then its a ****.

      Unless this person is in France via Poland.Then why haven't I been called out yet??,
      Seeing he has checked into this board (For a reaction) several times.
      since he joined??

      I have sold parts all over the world.
      I can understand my customers,even with broken English

      None. speak this azzbackwards, contradicting themselves.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DarylW.JPG
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      ************************************************** *******
      You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

      When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

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        08-30-2014, 05:41 PM
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        We are officially LAUNCHED!
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