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    On the way to work this morning I got weird error message I’ve never seen before. First one says “GPS CONNECTED” Then says “GPS ANTENNAE SHORTED TO GROUND.” This flashed over n over all the way to work. After I turned the bike off I turned it back on and it was gone (hopefully for good.)

    Anyone else ever experience this?

    2017 ABS

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    FYI-- "This is a Warranty item."

    Now if you want to find out what is going on, on your own??

    1. Anyone Mess with anything under the Right side of the seat. (under the pass portion) as sitting on bike??

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20160701_154904971_iOS.jpg
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    The NAV antenna is the GERY connector.
    XM is the black one.

    They are in the rubber boot to the left of the frame looking at the above picture.

    2. Anyone been under the Windshield or Right Panel (Former pocket) lately?
    That is where the NAV antenna has it's first connection
    on the left after the panel is removed.

    If NO to the above two questions??.

    Try the simple stuff first. (Antenna Connection Verification)

    1. Start at the GPS unit in the trunk,
    2. Verify all connections are good and clean
    3. Follow the wire under the seat to under the right fairing pocket/panel.
    4. Remove the windshield and Dash Visor.
    5. Make sure the antenna isn’t disconnected or broken.
    6. Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes.
    7. After you reconnect it. And still see the message "antenna disconnected"?.
    8. Try getting rid of it by pressing the "display" button and wait for all systems to reboot themselves.

    If after doing all of the above verification steps. And you can’t reset the GPS/NAV ?.

    You could swap a known good NAV with a friend.
    Before buying a new NAV unit.

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    "Rocky Tree & Comfort Risers".
    1981 CB900C 10 speed (Restored)
    1986 GL1200 SEi (Restored)
    2004 GL1800

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    • GWRider
      GWRider commented
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      Tried to Google the GERY connector image as well as description but didn't find any results about anything electrical. What does a GERY connector look like? Just curious. Thanks

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    Nope, no one has ridden or sat on bike but me. Nothing removed. Although I did wash it last weekend. Anxious to see if problem remains when I ride home.
    Thanks for the info Rocky, gives me a good place to start this weekend if it still persists.

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    • Madrebel
      Madrebel commented
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      still doing it, damn it!

    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      As much as I personally despise shop monkeys.

      I'd take it in the shop. Let Honda pay your warranty repair.

      BTW. yours isn't the only one to have this issue.
      Not widespread, but an occasional issue nonetheless.

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    Me thinks that’s what I’m gonna do.

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    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      Please report back if they change the NAV antenna/NAV unit or both?

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    Well knock on wood but they Gremlins must have went on vacation. It has been working perfectly for two weeks now, and I did absolutely nothing to it. Things like this drive me crazy!
    tentatively holding my breath...🙄

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