Final Drive leaking

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  • kwthom
    If you look for the four bolts that hold the drive on the swingarm assembly, you may see a LOT of fluid where the leak is at. That's where mine was, and it was oozing to the spot you're referring to in your picture.

    Three of the four bolts are easily removed; one of them requires a bit of trickery to access, and even then, the right tool for the job is crucial - really tight space!

    Good luck!

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  • Rocky
    The Main Seal is leaking. (seen it many times.)

    It's cheaper to replace the Drive, than it is to break it down to replace the seal.
    Because chances are one or both of the carrier bearings are bad causing a vibration, allowing the seal to leak,

    BTW-The Rotor looks used up as well (Deep grooves)-Replace it.

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  • Dalez68
    started a topic Final Drive leaking

    Final Drive leaking

    My final drive started leaking and it is dripping at this little tab where you can see it about to drip. I have been told that there is not a replacement
    part for this. Has anyone else seen this leak here and what did you do to fix it? Thanks.
    Background it is a 2003 with 71000 miles on it. I have replaced the oil in the final drive each of the last 2 winters having put about 10000 miles a year since I have owned it. I have another differential that I purchased used from someone who converted to a trike.

    Click image for larger version

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