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  • 2017 Navigation System Issue

    Hello all,

    I just traded my 2006 Goldwing (81,809 miles) and 2008 Harley Davidson Street Glide (28,137 miles) in for a brand new 2017 Audio/Comfort/Navi/XM/ABS. I found one still in the crate and wanted to have the last of the behemoth's before I eventually have to go into a 3rd Gen model. Hopefully that won't happen for many years to come.

    My motivation for going with a 2017 rather than a 2018 was the storage capacity but more importantly, the navigation system because it is my understanding that it is more user friendly and functional in that you can create custom routes on a computer, then import them to the nav system with an SD card.

    My 2006 had the navigation system but it was pretty much a point "A" to point "B" device.

    The 2018 was supposed to have a state of the art navigation but I quickly found out it's about as useful as a flower pot. My brother has a 2018 and loves the bike but hates the nav system. He has been told by Honda that a fix is on the way.

    Here's my question:

    Can anyone provide a SEE-SPOT-RUN or step-by-step process on how to create the route on your computer, (I use an IBM Compatible) save it to the SD card then download it to the bike?

    I've tried using Honda trip planner, BaseCamp and (MapSource, which I really like because it's already in a .gpx format) to create the route. After I create the route, I save it to a file folder on my desktop, then I copy it to the sd card. I then take the SD card out to the bike and I insert the card into the top slot of the nav system in the trunk.

    In theory, I'm supposed to be able to turn on the bike and see that there is a custom route that needs to be downloaded. I see nothing at this step. I turn on the nav system and still see nothing. I select routes to see if it is in queue, nothing!

    The navigation manual is very vague and does not give real good instruction.

    The bike came with an sd card in the top slot, which says honda trip planner, so I know I'm using the right SD card. The card in the lower slot is for updating maps so I know not to mess with that one.

    I've heard from other 2nd Gen 1800 owners that they are very pleased with the GPS device and that it is very functional for custom routes.

    I feel like I'm missing a step in the process. I can tell you this. My friend bought a 2016 with the Nav system and had to take it to the dealer because of the same issue. It was diagnosed and determined that it was a bad nav system that had to be replaced. I hope that's not the problem!

    Any help would be appreciated


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    The SD card has a unique folder in which the .GPX file must be saved in....if you can "look" at the SD card that came with the bike...try and look for both "folders" or "files"....( it needs the same hierarchy for the Nav to see the file)
    My 2012 has: (top folder} Garmin,
    then WITHIN the Garmin folder; (sub folders) CSV, GPX, POI...you have to save your trip file ( tripname.gpx) in the GPX folder

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      Thank you Hondaron,

      I got it figured out. You were right, I was not saving it the right way. I had a friend give me quick lesson on Basecamp, which I find very quirky and got the gist of what he was doing. His method worked. I came home and tried it on an an old version of MapSource, which I love and is very user friendly. Rather than save it to a file on my desktop, I just plugged the sd card in an transferred the route to the card just as if I were transferring (sending to device if you use MapSource) it to my Zumo 665.

      It works just fine now...

      Thanks again Ron,


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        I also use Mapsource to create maps for my 2017. Just be aware that if the mapset on your computer and bike are not the same , and the avoidance's aren't
        the same the bike will try to re calculate the route.

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          'been planning routes since 2008...orginal GPS was a TomTom Go 930...had a SD card port so I could play music through the GPS...worked well...for planning I use TYRE...written by a dutch motorcyclist for TomTom...uses Goggle maps...I have had success with TYRE for planning all of my SCMA 3 flags tours. hth

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            I'll toss another wrinkle in this whole thing...and it's confusing as heck!

            When you generate a GPX file, you create routes, waypoints, and tracks.

            Waypoints get stored as 'favorites' in memory, and there's a finite number available for these points.

            A route is what you make that keeps you on the twisty road that parallels the Interstate, because if you don't, invariably the GPS will try to take you on that fast road or that shortest distance road.

            When you create a 'routepoint', you create a named location, resident only in your route, which will shape any given trek from one end to the other. I was able to do this in BaseCamp, but it was a painful process.

            Create your GPX, then filter it with GPSBabel, and it's perfect for the '12-'17 GPS.

            I'd bet it would also work on the '18 and up model as well.
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            • Denman46
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              Ur right about the ‘18. BaseCamp to gpx, to Babel to Goldwing. Worked for me, as long as there are only 8 waypoints, including “shaping points”.

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            Honda Ron, did you ride 3FC this year? If so, we rode some of the same pavement. This was my third year in a row riding. I was riding a white 2006 Wing pulling a black Bushtec trailer. My Brother-In-Law was riding a Hawkey Blue 2018 Wing.

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              Unfortunately No, missed this year, ( moved from Sun Diego, to Lost Wages in April...still unpacking, especially my garage...it's really HOT (100+) here) looking forward to next year ...SCMA started in Mexicali in 2009 ( the SCMA forum rumor has it that's where they will start in 2019 ( 2009, was my first 3 flags) the route that year took us up through Arizona, Utah ( Great Scenery, even had a little snow in the higher elevations!) wish they would start a little farther east ( Auga Prieta) and take SR 191 up to Colarado. 191 was known as "The Coronado Trail" and/or "The Devils Highway (SR 666) ... AZ Highway guys got tired of people stealing the 666 road signs and changed it to 191. The route through Morenci to Springerville is a blast, if you like the twistys. more info here:


              Really hoped you and your B-I-L enjoyed the 3 flags, it's a planned out very well, it has a great tradition, and you re-new your friendships from year to year.
              here's some photo's from 2009 ( Mexicali to Lethbridge):

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                Yes, it will start in Mexicali next year. My Brother-In-Law just completed his 15th consecutive year. We rode 191 in 2016 on the way to Kimberly, BC, Canada. It was a great ride.

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