'93 gl1500 is a 4* timing gear good?

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  • '93 gl1500 is a 4* timing gear good?

    '93 goldwing, 62k,with ht roadsmith trike kit. the trike runs good but lacks pick up .ithink its because the kit is heavy. has anyone installed a 4* gear? local.
    shop is going to install it. this is the only performance upgrade i can find. i always use 93 octane gas. thanks lb

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    it's tough trouble shooting over the web...but I had a '93...I suggest you look at:
    a) a vacuum leak ( does it run better with the choke "on")...mine had a hose melted on the left side ( clutch lever side) of the engine above the "cam box"
    b) the fuel petcock is vacuum operated...when the bike has the least vacuum ( full throttle) the petcock can close starving the engine for fuel ( Cycle Max has a rebuild kit for the petcock) mine was a dog getting on the freeway
    c) Fuel pump...low fuel pressure makes the carbs starve for gas ...see attached ( didn't want to get stranded)
    the only performance up grade I know of had to to with ignition timing was a trigger wheel ...some have 4 degree advance ( 97 and up) and Valkyrie had 6 degree advance...another link below to the discussion on trigger wheels...hth

    Replacing the GL1500 fuel pump

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