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  • noisy 1500

    I'm looking for someone with a good understanding of 1500 wings. I am trying to help a friend with a wing that is making horrible gear clashing sounds. Using a stethascope, it sound like it is coming from the front of the engine. Bike starts and runs fine, everything works including reverse and charging system. Quiet at idle or reving in neutral. Under power, decel in low or second gear, it sounds like 2 gears trying to mesh ( very loud ). Not final drive, no skipping like tranny gears or final drive gears skipping, just a loud noise. It will do this under accel, but more easily produced on decel, lower gears more evident than upper gears. Any thoughts? Hate to pull the motor and just start blindly digging around.

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    Does it have a heel/toe shifter? Many bikes with them have bent shifting forks, just a thought.

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      Did you ever find the noise if so what was it .My wife has a 1989 with 170,000 miles on it .Never hurts to learn something new for later if needed

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