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    I have a friend that has a 93 1500, she fell over and broke part of the windshield off. She can't afford one so I thought if anyone knows one that is not to expensive that will fit the 93 I might just buy it for her. Let me know please.

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    I can not help here, but to offer a opinion on GL1500 windshields. . . .
    DO NOT get a TULSA +4, or in my opinion ANY Tulsa windscreen ! My bike came with a +4 already installed, and I HATE it ! It is so tall that even at 6'2" I look through the windscreen, not over it, it slopes back so much that I have hit my face on it getting on and off the bike, and due to the slope, I have to push my bars into the screen, scratching it to get to the lock position. I will never use a Tulsa again.
    Now please remember, this is one mans opinion, so take it for what its worth, but yeah, I do not like the Tulsa's at all.
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      I have one that is a few month old I would sell it for $100 + shipping


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        Sent you a pm

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          PM returned

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            Did you get your windshield?

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              I am ordering a new ceebailey For my 95 Aspencade for $130, www.ceebailey.com

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                Originally posted by geret View Post
                I am ordering a new ceebailey For my 95 Aspencade for $130, www.ceebailey.com
                I assume you mean this link:
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