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    Hey hang anyone install a back off wig wag from wing stuff is it plug and play or will I have to cut into my harness?

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    I am not familiar with the unit from wingstuff, but if it is anything like the ones that I have gotten from Signal Dynamics (makers of the wig-wag), then yes, you will need to do a couple of wiring harness cuts/splices. Not hard, I've installed several. There are some pictures available on the net. PM me if you have difficulty.

    edit - just looked on wingstuff's website - yes they still sell the same unit I've been installing. And yes, a couple of cuts/splices.

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      If it is the one by Bike MP 3 for the rear spoiler, it is plug and play

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        My bike came with one on it already, so I have no idea how installation goes, BUT I love it. the PO who installed it hooked it up to the trunk brake lights only, so when I apply the brakes, they flash back and forth while the LED Spoiler and lower lights just come on solid, I think this is a real good idea and folks seam to really notice it. . . . no one has come close to rear ending me yet, so it must work.
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