Take down and put back together diagrams/instructions? 1997 GL1500

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  • Take down and put back together diagrams/instructions? 1997 GL1500

    Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

    Last summer (yes a year ago) I tore my late 90's GL1500 down primarily to get to the rear brake cylinder to rebuild it. While I was in there, I order other parts to do maintenance and worked around through replacing the timing belts, and even up into the front and worked on the brakes there and the headlight assembly. I was devoting a lot of time to this, and was able to stay on it. I labeled parts as I took them off, but I did not take pictures step by step. Huge mistake. I got called away suddenly to work, and then when I got home my dog of 15 years got sick and passed away. I just lost motivation. But now I'm back. I find all of the parts and all of their fasteners on the workbench to be a bit daunting.

    I'm working through the forums and am getting some insight and instruction there, but what I'm wondering is if anyone is aware of a piece by piece takedown instruction with pictures and a put back? I know its a long shot, but I thought I'd see if one was out there.

    Thanks kindly.


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    Matt. I'd search for GL1500 videos on youtube.

    You can pause the video and take a pic of the area you need to see what goes where.

    Also Google what you are working on?

    Say GL1500 Front Brake "Images" etc.

    It will show you a plethora of images to help you.

    **You may not like the Truth-But that doesn't change it!**
    "Life is Tough-It's tougher when you are stupid"
    1981 CB900C -DCT
    1986 GL1200 SEi - DCT
    2004 GL1800 - "Modified Ring & Pinion"

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      This may help you some.

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        Thanks much you all, great suggestions. I'll check the link too.

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          Well, it's going better than I thought. I'm taking my time, but I ran into a snag. I put the of the bike back together (fairings, crash bars, headers etc etc) and it all went well except that I discovered I left the right front heat shield off. I have a note on it from when I took it off last year, and it says it goes on above the Right Side Headers (think exhaust manifold). I found a used service manual, so you can see what I'm talking about in the pictures I have attached. Three questions - 1. If I do not instal this what I'm I looking at as far as consequences (I am an oem kind of guy, but.....)
          2. If I do instal this, what am I looking at undoing? I do not have a feel for how much I need to backtrack to get it back on the bike. Anybody have any pictures of where this goes? I can't tell from the manual.
          3. (unrelated) - I'm missing a grommet like the one in my third picture. It is for the wheel cover on the front. A plastic cover has a "nipple" that goes in there. Is this an autozone capable part or do I need to go online and get a honda replacement?

          Thanks you all,


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            Matthew, You kinds knew you'd have to back track at some point, as the pile decreased,and you found a part on the bench,that should of gone back on before others..

            That's part of building from memory..LOL

            I use numbers on the parts (Masking tape-sharpie) "# 4 can't go back on until # 3 is on etc etc"

            The Heat shields deflect heat from Hoses/Electrical wires? to-from radiators etc.

            Now that you know where it goes. Might as well back track now and do it right!. Before more parts are on top of it (Right?)

            Local parts houses don't have an exact match.like using flex tape. LOL
            Get the right grommet (s) from Honda,

            BTW-Great job in getting her back together.

            **You may not like the Truth-But that doesn't change it!**
            "Life is Tough-It's tougher when you are stupid"
            1981 CB900C -DCT
            1986 GL1200 SEi - DCT
            2004 GL1800 - "Modified Ring & Pinion"

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              Thanks man! I will stay steady. I've learned a few lessons too.

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