1996 Gl1550 Carburetor gummed up

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  • 1996 Gl1550 Carburetor gummed up

    When I got my 2012 Gl1800 I neglected to start my 1500 on a regular basic and now the carbs are gummed because of its erratic idle; will hardly idle below 2000 RPM's and the tach needle goes up and down. Is there a way to clean the carbs while on the bike or will I have to remove them?

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    I would suggest -Getting a Can of Carb Cleaner Remove the airfilter and while the bike is running (rough idle) Spay the $hit out of the carbs it should clean them right up- also while spying work the throttle (increase the speed as need to keep from flooding) while spraying .

    Try easy fix first!

    If that doesn't help you may want to look at the vacume hoses for cracks -that will also cause the same time of idle.
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      Might run some sea foam in the gas to see if that would help.

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        Thanks to all, I will give it a try.

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          I have had great success with SeaFoam. Drain the gas in the tank and the carbs. Pour a can of Seafoam in and a half gallon of fresh gas. Let it run into the carbs and let it set for a couple days. Put another gallon or two of gas in, start it and if it starts and runs somewhat, go ride the crap out of it. I have done this on old CB 750's with great success. Keep Sea Foam in it for a few tanks after it starts cleaning up, and if your jets, orifices and bowles are just not totally gummed up, it will clean em.
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            I agree with Rick, Seafoam works. Your problem is most likely the pilot circuit (low speed) is clogged with old fuel. It is critical that you get as much of the old fuel out as possible before you try this procedure. If it doesn't work the first time, try it again. If things don't get better, then the carbs will have to come off.

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              I also like seafoam,it has helped my 95 1500 se.

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                Seafoam great stuff plus with my old carburetor bikes i used marvel mystery oil put it in my gas every time i filled up 2 ozs never had those problems again.
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                  what would be the simplest was of draining the tank without removing it?

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                    Another good product for cleaning a gummed up carb is Yamaha Ring-Free. I've used Seafoam and Ring-Free and my experience is Ring-Free is a little stronger and works faster. It's also harder to find and more expensive, that's why I've also tried Seafoam.
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                      Another good product is BG44K.

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                        Originally posted by Redwing2012 View Post
                        what would be the simplest was of draining the tank without removing it?
                        The GL1500 has 2 possible places to drain the tank easily and quickly..
                        The Filler neck using a siphon or hose attached to a pump - (use a hand pump - no electronic vacuums)
                        OR - through the fuel pump assembly access hatch under the seat -
                        this will require the tank to be less than 1/2 full however as it is low and below the full level and leaking will occur

                        Best bet - siphon out as much as possible - I would bet you can get it nearly empty through the filler neck with a longer hose.
                        Then re-fill with fresh stabilized fuel . Seafoam IS a stabilizer - Use the Marine version which is stronger or a double dose.
                        Run the bike - then park it and let the Seafoam work - Repeat often until the clog dissolves.

                        Always use stabilized fuel whenever your engine will not be run frequently. Fuel goes bad in less than 1 month especially if you are getting Ethanol blended.

                        Read about Phase Separation (Google it ) if you really want to learn about our gas as presented today.

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