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    New to this bike and am experiencing a really rough wind buffing ride at speeds above 60. Can wind wings create this effect?

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    Possible...don't know how they are set up (wind wings can be used to kill the breeze, but they also can be set up to accentuate the breeze.)
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      I was setting my tires on my 1500 at what the factory specs... If I remember it was in the 30's. I felt like I was driving a 4'x8' sheet a plywood down the highway. I met these guys at a rally and the topic of buffeting came up and they asked what my tires were set at, and when I told them they almost fell off their chair. They ran over to my bike with gauges and my on-board air pump and they set them at 41 lbs, front and rear. I rode home and it was night and day, however when hitting the higher speeds, 80+ the buffeting returned. I had a Tulsa windshield also, (extra tall).
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        Thanks, I will double check pressures and I also have a tall windshield as well.

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          Problem solved! Checked air pressure and the 5 year old front tire was set to 41 and the new rear tire was set to 35. Adjusted rear to 41 and wow what a difference! The stability is unbelievable. That is how I remember my old wing rolling. Thanks so much for the tip.

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            Agreed! I've been riding my 1500 with tires set to 41 PSI and the handling is
            MUCH better than the factory specs.
            In fact, I've gotten so used to the 41 psi setting and the handling that goes with
            it that I can tell when one of the tires loses only a pound or two.
            I'll sneeze in the tires and the handling returns to normal.
            George, High in the hills of Jersey!

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