Right side of engine sounds like baseball cards in spokes

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  • Right side of engine sounds like baseball cards in spokes

    Good day, I have a strange problem with our 99SE 170k, last week while getting on the expy she backfired, died and came right back up, I got off the next exit and it sounds like I have baseball cards in my spokes...I laid smoke to the exhaust manifold and no leaks, got another rockerarm/cam holder on Ebay and when I started pulling the hydraulic valve adjusters (lifters) I found all 6 to have no play whatsoever, whereas the new ones are close to 0.30mm as the manual calls for..My question is what would have caused all of the 6 lifters to lock up? This head was replaced two years ago and I was told it had 60k on it, off a 2000. And the new to me lifters I installed still sounds like a Singer sewing machine...Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Can't help ya, but welcome to the board!
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      Try some sea foam in yer tank...

      you can thank me later.....

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