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    I have a 96 gl1500 SE and I find the handlebars to be very uncomfortable. I don't like the bent wrist position that puts all the pressure on the outside of your palms. Is there a handlebar change that provides a more even grip position? I've attempted to move the bars up and down at the pivot point above the forks and this didn't seem to help. I'm tempted to cut notch the stock bars and bend them to a more comfortable position, however, I'm concerned about clearance issues between the windshield and controls when turning lock to lock. Any suggestions? I love the bike. I need to be comfortable when riding. Thanks, George.

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    got the same problem. you might go on ebay and buy a used one then you can cut/bend and have it welded, while you still can ride.
    go to you tube and put in paul yafee 12 inch handlebars on a harley davidson. what i want you to see is the angle that these handlebars have. you you can copy it. i have them on my '09 tri glide and like them

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      if you find a set of bars angle you like say at a local bike shop, you can use
      stiff wire to form you a duplicate copy

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