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    So I own a 2018 Goldwing. My dad has a 1993 Goldwing SE and a 2008 wing. He can’t ride anymore. I am trying to get his 1993 wing from him. More for nostalgia reasons then anything else. It is new looking with 80000 miles on her. It has the carbs rebuilt but it needs a tune. The tires are also old and need replaced. Is there anything else I should beware of.

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    vacuum lines...those little rubber hoses...I brought my '93 home from a junk yard...it only ran on full choke...the line was burned/rotted near the left side of the engine ( left side as you sit on the bike.)
    1) the fuel shut off valve is vacuum operated...if the valve is bad it leaks "vacuum" and shuts off the fuel when you need it most ...like getting on the freeway...Cmax in Ohio sells a rebuild kit
    2) Fuel pump...search the internet for replacement info...I used one for a honda auto...here's a link:
    3) Ground screw/bolt...it's under the false tank near your right knee...if it's corroded...electrical gremlins will invade and drive you crazy
    4) Those little brass bushings in the clutch and front brake levers ...if they're worn...the cruise control may not set or work...the levers contact little micro switches that tell the CC computer what you're doing or not doing...check those first before you tear into electronics
    5) Alternator - check voltage output with the engine running above 3000 RPM...should be greater than 12VDC ( 13-14VDC)
    6) Timing belt - if it breaks- not good...again look to the internet for help
    7) sometimes the ignition trigger...down by the timing belt cover goes bad - won't start...no spark
    8) Check you're coolant hoses...tighten the clamps or replace hoses if they're brittle ( hard) or gummy ( too soft)
    9) there are other GW web sites that have better info ( they have been around longer) on the GL1500...than this one (try Goldwing Chat)
    10) they are great bikes ...just needed fuel injection...the carbs have tiny tiny jets and often clog due to lack of use ( bad idle)
    11) almost forgot...there was an issue with the turn bank sensor...a black box above the right rear saddle bag...I believe a recall was issued by Honda...the fluid used to dampen the movement of the sensor would eat through the plastic case. and leak out...the sensor would then become tooo sensitive and cause the bike to shut off when you leaned it over...you have to buy the replacement from Honda ...if they still make it...think I purchased mine on line from Ron Ayers

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      Cool thanks for all the info. I guess a project it will be.

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        Originally posted by Heyzeus View Post
        Cool thanks for all the info. I guess a project it will be.
        So it starts and idles. The carbs and vacuum operated shut off are new or rebuilt. When you give the bike any throttle it dies. I suspect a bad vacuum line.

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          My symptoms are almost exactly the same on my 93 SE.... do I have to dismount the carbs and rebuild if the bike has been sitting and track vaccum issues or it is possible to do it without the extra hassle?

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