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    Just put 198 miles on my new Tour DCT on my first day out. Mostly tour mode, a little bit of sport mode. Totally mixed day: meandering thru rural areas, highway, and some twisties. Speed 30 - 70mph. Computer said I averaged 49.9mpg. When I topped off and did the math (both tops off were filled exactly to the brim), it said 46.6mpg. So the computer being a bit liberal with its estimate.

    I'm very happy with this though. I was one of the skeptical about Honda's claims about 20% better mpg. I used to average 43mpg on long trips fully loaded with my wife on my '03, but those were usually long days at speed, 50-70mph in sweepers or straight roads. I can easily see maybe about 49mpg on a long day with mostly constant speeds in Eco mode. So my worries about highly reduced range I think won't be a player.

    A few observations: Handling- little bit better than my '03. Acceleration feel- a little bit better than my '03. Noticable, but nothing to write home about. Suspension very smooth, love watching those tie rods jump up and down.

    Electronics interface- very cool. Still waiting on my back ordered SENA SRL, so couldn't test out Apple Car Play yet. But could easily scroll thru my phone's playlist etc using iPod mode. I had it plugged in, but will try bluetooth next time. Navigation mode is highly restricted once you start rolling. Really annoying. Some of the menus you can't scroll both sideways and up and down, but not all of them.

    Storage is what it is. My biggest complaint and that almost stopped me from buying the bike, but I knew this going into the deal. No cubby's for the passenger, and just the phone area and that tiny area on the right side fairing. Looking for some aftermarket fixes for this, and maybe for the passenger hand holds.

    Fairly windy on my arms. Will have to see how this affects a passenger. Really like that the windshield in full down position allows me to look over the top. Couldn't do this on my '03. Full up looks tall enough for just about any weather condition. I wouldn't by the F4 that's coming out because of this as it adds 4" to the height. Would consider a wider windshield though with the same height.

    DCT really easy to get used to. Very intuitive. Almost like it's got AI or something. Impressive.

    Just one power location on the whole bike. Really? And when my phone is plugged in for Apple Car Play that one usb can't be used for anything else.

    4 way switch and enter button on the left handlebar a bit difficult to use with summer gloves. Heavier gloves will be worse. I can't figure out the need for the knob/enter button on the "tank". It only seems to duplicate the left handlebar switch functions.

    Seat is firmer than my '03, but for a short 200 mile day it seemed to work. TBD for longer days.

    My worry about tight parking lot turns without a clutch to feather didn't seem to pan out. I found no difficulty at DCT 1st gear "just above" idle speeds.

    As far as the 80 or so pound drop, that's pretty meaningless to me. Once you're up to speed, it doesn't matter. Sure would like to have seen some more storage even though it would up the weight some and "not look right" as per Honda designers.

    So now as soon as the backordered Fog lights come in I'll have to do the strip down just to add them, Homelink, rack LEDS, and another power port. Really seems like on almost a 30K bike after tax most of these should have been included.

    Overall after just one day of riding? I'm happy with the bike and expect many years of pleasure out of it, but is it the groundbreaking advance I was hoping for? No, primarily because the storage issue, an engine only a bit more peppy, and some of the smaller things like lack of stock power ports. I have Apple Car Play on my truck and the lack of the amount of apps that work with it make it a nice advance, but not huge.

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    I find my 6spd 1833 the same pretty much as you. I rode 2650 mi to Kerrville Tx a few weeks ago and the wind coming in around my shoulders and elbows are bothersome.. I also ride with the shield all the way down 99% of the time and putting it up does nothing for the above issue. My fuel MPG was much like yours however a couple of tanks I did get 51 checked and figured with my calculator but this was not the norm. As far as luggage cap goes I find that if you just keep stuffing items in you can get more in than you first think. This isn't good but it worked for me especially in the top box just not organized it's like now where did I stuff that other shoe and oh it's under that pair of under ware
    Doug in Decatur, IL K9CRT
    2018 Ardent Red 6spd Manual

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