Changed my oil @ 3868 miles.

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  • Changed my oil @ 3868 miles.

    I have a Tour with a manual transmission. I took my time and was very methodical including letting the oil drain for over an hour. I did rely on the parts person to give me 5 quarts of oil, should have been 4 quartz. After the fact I drained a quart off. FYI the Honda cap wrench is a 65mm 14 flute wrench.

    A question though, can or should we go to full synthetic with this bike?

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    Synthetic oil is always better than regular dino oil.
    2016 GL1800 Candy Prominence Red leval1-bought August 24th,2017

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      I am a big proponent of synthetic oil. My family fleet of Honda vehicles includes 2008 Odyssey, 2013 Fit, 2016 Civic Turbo, 2016 Fit, and now the 2018 Gold Wing Tour DCT. I change my own oil in all the vehicles with Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. With never a power-train issue or problem. All of these vehicles were purchased new, and the Odyssey now has over 100k miles. What is available for synthetic oil from Honda for the new bike? or what would anyone recommend as an alternative, Mobile 1?

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        I plan on using Honda HP4S when I change it. It’s competatively priced and Honda branded oils have always done well in tests, they don’t just throw it out to the lowest bidder. And no, I am not a Honda fanboy, just commenting on my experience.
        2018 Silver DCT

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          I have 5 quarts of HP4S 10w30 in the garage waiting to go into the bike. (DCT)

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            Synthetic is over rated. As a professional mechanic. I have tried all of the blends.

            My favorite is this one. The bike shifts smooth as glass.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	11461088_sll_550045126_pri_larg.jpg Views:	1 Size:	25.9 KB ID:	96185
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            You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

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              I love oil threads.
              PGR RIDE CAPTAIN.. UTAH

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                My oil is better than your oil.
                2016 GL1800 Candy Prominence Red leval1-bought August 24th,2017

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                  Having a manual transmission in my bike, the clutch is good with synthetic oil? Did the 01' to 17' clutch run well with synthetic?

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                    Yes, no problems as long as you have the right oil made for motorcycles. JASCO MA2 specs
                    No car oils with the energy conserving label.
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                      Everyone has an opinion on oil. So here is mine.

                      Synthetic may be a better lubricant, but I doubt that fresh synthetic is any better then fresh dino. And, the key is to keep your oil fresh. It would be better to change your dino and filter every 3,000 miles than to use syn and only change every 6,000 miles. IMHO, it is the dirt and other contaminants in the oil that do damage to an engine. Fresh, clean dino and better than dirty synthetic any day.
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                      • marklawrence
                        marklawrence commented
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                        It's the transmission that does the damage to the oils.

                        The red line is not that important. Essentially all engines have the same peak piston speed around 4,000 feet per second. The high reving engines have a shorter stroke. Even Harleys run up to 4,000 fps.

                      • kiptap
                        kiptap commented
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                        Same peak piston speed or not, something was going on as if I used brand Rxxline synthetic powersports oil it frothed up with so many air bubbles it just had to be detrimental, and it was allegedly a top shelf oil for racing. Put the same oil in a stroker motor/street bike and it was fantastic. Eventually had to run Amxxil oil to keep the air bubbles under control, not that that is any type of better oil to my knowledge, but it just happened to control it. I'm sure it just had additives for that condition but unless you get an honest breakdown of what additives are in the oil then your just guessing or trying what works. All I know is if you can, change it often it as seems real good when new, hahaha, its just how fast you beat it down by driving.

                      • mjw930
                        mjw930 commented
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                        I agree with the other Mark, it's the transmission on bikes that cause the most damage to the oil. While I agree on day 1 there's very little difference in the protection between a quality dyno oil and a good synthetic. it's over time, and it's not much time in the case of a motorcycle with a shared transmission that synthetics pull away. Their ability to remain viscosity stable under high sheer loads is what sets them apart. Personally I'd never go over 4000 miles on a motorcycle with a shared transmission oil configuration.

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                      Hard to beat Hondas GN4 10w30. Great oil at a good price.
                      PGR RIDE CAPTAIN.. UTAH

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                        OH no another oil thread
                        Doug in Decatur, IL K9CRT
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                        • capttwb
                          capttwb commented
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                          Most manufacturers are recommending synthetic oil these days. On the BMW K1600 GT and GTL BMW recommends running dino the first 6,000 miles and then switch to Castrol Racing 1 Synthetic 5-40.

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                        Its funny. My new Honda Ridgeline recommends full Synthetic. They also say it is acceptable to be burning up to a quart between changes. The tolerances are so precise and they want it a little "loose" for less friction (so I have been told). On my Yamaha Roadliner, full syn ran fine but the power train sounded like it had loose washers rolling around. The Yamalube semi syn 20/50 was the perfect oil. ran cool not too noisy. I know oil threads are like darkside threads but I am enjoying learning about this new bike.
                        Ride safe.

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                        • Markcuda
                          Markcuda commented
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                          Mike, don't forget God and politics.

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                        Checked my oil leval this morn, it was down 13 1/2 quartz. A added 16 quartz to have a little extra to spar.

                        I got some of this hear brand on specialz.

                        It smelt real good when pourin'z it in, and drives the peeps behindz me Nutz!

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	19bccfca-9bbd-4b4d-a022-74c00b7d2ddc_1.6f54fb113b7e654809b2fc2a3ea40099.jpeg
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                        Says on the bottle, I can git 23,431 miles before eyes needed to changes it.
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                        You may not like the truth but that don't change it!

                        When Life hands you a Curve - Lean into it!!.

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