I had a demo ride on a 2018 DCT Tour.

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  • I had a demo ride on a 2018 DCT Tour.

    My local Honda dealer let me demo a 2018 DCT today by appointment and here are my impressions. Let me know if you agree or disagree, the dealer seemed surprised at some of my observations. The very first thing I noticed was the very much improved front end and how the harsh bumps like expansion joints in the road don't transfer thru the bars. I really was impressed at how the new front end soaked up the harshness. Another thing I noticed was how smooth the DCT shifted and how fun sport mode was. This was the first time I rode a motorcycle with DCT so I really didn't have anything to compare but I was impressed. One of the things the dealer was surprised at is when I told him I think the new Goldwing turns slower and requires more effort to turn at slow speeds. I only rode it for about 25 miles or so but I certainly handles very differently than my 2016, not that that's a bad thing, but I do think it responds slower at initial turn in. Its nothing I don't think I couldn't get used to, but I was surprised at this feeling. It is worth noting I had a passenger for the demo ride. The only other bad thing I noticed was the volume of the radio was way too weak. At about 55-58 MPH on a relatively calm day I had to have the volume turned all the way to 30 (max) to hear the music. On my 2016 all I need is around 10-13 at those same conditions to hear clearly with a full face helmet on. All in all it was a very positive and exciting ride on the new wing. I really do like it and am sure I will end up with one someday. Let me know what you think of my observations. Thanks for reading this long post, I just had to tell someone!!

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    Mike, I agree completely with the turning observation. I too, have noticed that it takes more effort, even at higher speeds, to effect a change in direction. I assumed it was because of all of the additional linkages (tie rods, etc.) and hardware now connected to the front suspension. On my 2012 (or 2007, 2005), you could literally "flick" the bike in any direction with minimal pressure. It will be interesting to see if this additional requirement of energy to turn the bike will be more noticeable when carving up The Dragon.
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      I'm not sure I agree Chris. Last week I did a ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway with a couple of buddies. About 160 miles down, then the same coming back up the following day. This new bike, in sport mode and manually shifting (DCT with paddle shifters) is INSANELY fun! I mean just flat out fun fun fun to ride. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with sport mode. It took a bit before I realized it was much easier to keep my fingers "surrounding" the paddle shifters (vs. moving my fingers into position for each shift). But once I did that, the rapidity with which you can shift, provided some really excellent engine braking. On my previous wings (02 and 15) I've always been an aggressive rider and prided myself of working to be in the proper gear, etc. On this new bike, I found myself shifting MUCH more often (because it is so darn effortless to do so with the DCT paddle shifters). The result was a bike that was constantly in the sweet spot for the curve, with suspension set up properly, and producing grin after grin. I think my brake lights came on about 5 times in 160 miles of riding.

      This bike was MADE to tear it up on the twisties. DCT + Sport Mode + Manual shifting = FUNNNNNNNN!!!!

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        I have been reading the posts about the steering being a little harder at turn in. I have not had this problem but I believe this perceived problem is due to the wider rear tire. A wider rear tire will make turn in feel harder. Remember the previous models had a 180 on the rear and the 2018 has a 200.

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          I find the 2018 much easier to turn in.....it feels about 30% lighter than the previous model...this bike is fun, and so easy to flick through the curves

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            As far as the radio volume I suspect the auto volume with speed needed to be toggled on and also I can't remember what it is called a EQ setting from 1 to 2 but when set up correctly I think you will find it much closer to your older bike. Also I turn my rear speakers off because I ride solo and even with a passenger the darn speakers are so low your passenger blocks them. Some of the design features on this bike you wonder if the engineer ever rode a motorcycle.

            Oh and the other thing you can do is buy an 80w or something like that amp for $1000 plus installation in the Honda catalog and when you do this lose a bunch of room in the all ready small tour box on the Tour model.
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