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  • Upgrade audio amp an speakers

    Has anyone bought the very expensive amp and speaker option for this bike. I ride with a helmet and ear plugs. I was able to hear the music better on my Harley boom audio system. I can't get the stock audio to this level so I'm considering the 200 watt amp and speaker upgrade. Has anyone done this and can you provide the results ?
    Thanks, Cyclechris

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    I usually listen to my headset. Therefore, didn’t buy the kit.

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      Cyclechris-I did the upgraded amp-speakers. Personally I could tell a difference from the original stereo, more robust and better bass-treble tones. It was worth it to me. I enjoy external speakers when riding at slower speeds or at campground (considerate of other campers), while tinkering or cleaning the bike. I'm sure some will say they are not happy with it but I'm very happy with the upgrade myself. If you could meet up with someone who has the upgrade and take a listen-I would suggest that and you be the judge. Ride safe!

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