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  • Securing helmets (and other things)

    About 3 days ago, Doug44 started a topic called: Using an Androd Phone... This topic was somewhat hijacked when it got into a discussion initiated by JHawk8 who had a great idea to use a cable attached to the (flunky) helmet holder that Honda has included with this model. I thought it was a great idea except that I had neglected to remember about looping the cable through my helmet's chin-guard instead of the D-Ring (which it doesn't have) as JHawk8 had suggested. Somebody was kind enough to remind me of that, and someone else had even suggested you could secure a jacket by looping it through the sleeves. So then I remembered I had an old Kensington cable that had been used to secure a laptop, and I dug it out. Sure enough, it works great and I was able to secure it though the key-hole on the end of the holder.

    So now that cable is stored in my saddlebag along with a few other supplies (like an air pump, some repair tools, first aid supplies, etc) and the saddlebag is pretty well filled up. The helmet holder and the Honda tool kit (we're from Canada, eh) are also there in the saddlebag somewhat secured under another "funky" Honda arrangement of a strap. Thanks to you guys I now have a way to secure two helmets (and even a jacket) to the Wing when traveling - since the trunk and saddlebags are too small to hold them all.

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    Cool. Glad it worked out for you. 😊

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