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    i finally saw a white wing today out in the sun. My goodness it was sharp. I did get to ride it a short distance and the DCT relay pressed me. I like the white!

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    That's why I got white!
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      I agree...The White 2018 is the best looking color. If I were to buy one...for sure White would be the one.

      John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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        Love my new white Wing!

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          I was surprised at the amount of metal flake in it. I will say it felt weird not pulling in a clutch lever to stop.

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            But, But the red ones are the fastest
            Doug in Decatur, IL K9CRT
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              I am on my third white (sort of) Gold Wing. The 1986 SEi was a white gold, the 1996 SE was white, and my current 2012 is white. My only one that was not white was my 2004... it was Candy Black Cherry, also a beautiful color.

              There is something about a white full dress motorcycle... it just looks great. Would I buy another white one (if I were to buy another bike)? Very likely.

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                Yep, when the sun hit the white it was awesome and I'm so glad I ordered it.

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