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  • TPMS Failure

    Well at least I put a few hundred miles on my wing before I had to bring it to the dealer..... the rear tire sensor is NG.... dealer said this is the third one... set for repair next week..... I am sure I will not be the only one affect by the first year blues beta tester ....IF your TMPS stays illuminated, you most likely have a bad one as well.....

    not complaining, just reporting

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    Mine is fine after 3k miles

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      I don't think it is just a problem on the new wings...sometimes Stuff just happens.

      John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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        Perhaps it is one of those things that tends to fail early on, if it is going to fail at all. I know that I wanted the tech setting up my bike (out of the crate), and there is a special procedure you have to follow to initialize the TPMS. He let ALL of the air out of each tire, then refilled the tires. He said you have to do that to take the sensors out of "shipping mode". Maybe that initializes the battery in the sensors? Not sure.
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