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  • Tour DCT - First few days of ownership impressions

    I've put several hundred miles on my new Hawkseye Blue Tour DCT Goldwing. First off, it's an amazing motorcycle. I test rode the bike and thought I would like the DCT after getting used to it. I'm used to it and I absolutely LOVE DCT! I never thought I would say that about not being able to shift. It shifts so smoothly and quickly you hardly notice. I ride with a buddy who has a 2017 Wing. We swapped back and forth on the bikes while riding. Let me say, you cannot out shift the DCT. By the time I was getting ready to shift out of 1st on the manual, the DCT was already in 3rd gear. It will also shift going around a corner. It's so smooth that you can't even feel it or nor does it affect the handling. We have headsets so we communicate while riding and he kept telling me each time he was shifting and all I was doing was twisting the throttle and enjoying the ride.

    Sport mode is great for riding through tight twisting roads. It's always in the right gear and the engine breaking and upshifting makes entering and exiting the curves smooth and fast. When I was riding the manual transmission I was always shifting and not always in the optimum gear for my position in the curve.

    It was a cool day that we went riding with temperatures in the low 60's to upper 50's. At these temperatures I did find that the 2018 was much colder to ride with more cold air flowing over my legs and especially my arms/hands. I missed the leg warmers that are on the 2017, for they really make a difference in warmth behind the fairing. I was cold on the 2018 and when we switched bikes and I got on the 2017 I was amazed at how much warmer it was. I was not cold any longer. I can see where he extra wind flow on the 2018 would be great in the heat but for cold weather riding, you better bundle up big time.

    We filled up both bikes with gas at the start of the riding. At the end of the day both bikes had the low fuel light blinking at the same time. I guess this confirms that the new bike will get approximately the same miles per tank as the old bike that holds 1.1 gallon more fuel. I was please to find this out because I was worried about the range between fill ups on the 2018.

    The luggage capacity is smaller (much)! Between jackets, sweatshirts, gloves and helmet it filled up the saddle bags and trunk pretty good when we stripped down to go into a restaurant to eat. Not sure how I'm going to pack everything I need to go touring with camping gear.

    My one complaint is that cleaning this bike is a pain. I'm worried about how hard it will be to clean the bike after riding in the rain. There are so many small and tight areas on this new design. The open engine, no side covers like the old models, makes it difficult to get into all the tight areas to clean. The saddlebags and trunk have many small deep slots for dust to accumulate and it's difficult to get a rag in there to clean. I'm definitely not looking forward to keeping this bike clean.

    In all, I'm more impressed with the 2018 Goldwing than I thought I would be. This is my 5th Wing with over 200,000 miles on the previous models. Time will tell if this redesign, electronics and engine are as bullet proof as the old models. I sure hope so for I want to ride this 2018 for a LONG time.

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    Congrats on the new bike & Welcome to the board.

    Great write up on your impression of your new 2018 Tour.

    Everyone will learn more and more about this bike, as Honda gets up to speed delivering them to dealers.
    So buyers can get their hands on them as summer nears.
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      After 600 miles, I’m averaging 43.5 mpg. That’s mixed town and hwy riding.

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        Not bad at all!

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      Originally posted by JHawk8 View Post
      After 600 miles, I’m averaging 43.5 mpg. That’s mixed town and hwy riding.
      Is the speedometer accurate or like the earlier models that needed the yellow box (speedohealer) to correct them.
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        JHawk8, Have you seen Honda's wings for the GL1833 ??? The lowers are more diverters versus heaters.

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