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    Found this on Motorcycle Magazine website:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F6B.jpg Views:	1 Size:	59.7 KB ID:	85927

    We’ve already seen pictures of the 2018 Honda Gold Wing and now we’ve got the first technical information about the long-awaited bike.

    While there’s no official confirmation yet, the information we’ve seen is accurate. It reveals that there will be five separate variants of the new Gold Wing, split across two distinct versions.

    Name change

    Let’s start with the new bikes’ names. A the moment the touring spec bike is the Gold Wing and the lighter bagger is the F6B. In 2018, that’s changing. The 2018 Gold Wing will be the bagger, with no top box. The fully-equipped touring version is dubbed the Gold Wing Tour.

    Five versions

    There will be two variants of the bagger-style Gold Wing, with or without Honda’s DCT dual-clutch, semi-automatic gearbox. Under Honda’s alphanumetic naming scheme, these are the GL1800B and GL1800BD. The Gold Wing Tour will come in three variants. There’s a basic version with a conventional gearbox, called simply GL1800. Above that in the range there’s a GL1800D DCT model and a top-of-the-range GL1800DA version with DCT and an airbag.

    Power up, weight down

    All versions of the bike will use a 126PS, 1833cc flat six engine. It’s just 1cc bigger than the existing bike’s 118PS engine, so it clearly gets a power boost from other changes. And, unlike the existing model, it meets Euro4 emissions limits.

    While the power boost is small, performance will be significantly boosted with a big cut to the bike’s weight. The base model GL1800 Gold Wing Tour, which replaces the existing Gold Wing, has a 379kg (835 lb) curb weight. That’s 42kg (92 lb) less than the 2017 version. The DCT transmission doesn’t add any weight, while the GL1800DA airbag version weighs 383kg (844 lb.).

    The GL1800B Gold Wing, with no top box, is 14kg (31 lb) lighter than the Gold Wing Tour at 365kg (804 lb). That means the new bagger weighs 27kg less than the existing F6B.

    Smaller and slimmer

    The Gold Wing Tour is shorter than its predecessor at 2575mm (101.3 in), down from 2630mm (103.5 in). The bagger is 2475mm – virtually identical to the 2473mm of the existing F6B. Both 2018 bikes have a 1695mm (66.7 in) wheelbase. They’re narrower, too; 925mm (36.4 in) compared to 945mm (37.2 in) for the old machines. The DCT models, with no clutch lever, are 20mm narrower at 905mm.

    With the electrically-adjustable screen in its top position, the Gold Wing Tour is 1640mm tall, compared to 1455mm for the current bike’s non-adjustable screen. The Gold Wing bagger, with its shorter screen, is 1340mm tall in the ‘low’ position.

    All versions of the bike have an electronically-limited 180km/h (111 mph) top speed. With the limiter removed they’d surely be capable of much more.
    Honda will officially reveal the 2018 Gold Wing models in a week’s time on 24 October.
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    Originally posted by Rocky
    Source link for this info Please?.

    Save $1000 a year in labor by doing your own maintenance!

    Website | YouTube | 2001-2017 Videos | 2018+ Videos

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      I may have to get me one. My 12 is wore out at 55k-lol. It's pretty funny on the site. Good grief!

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