Goldwing Android Auto and Samsung S21

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  • Goldwing Android Auto and Samsung S21

    I upgraded my phone to the new Samsung S21 from a S10+. Android Auto worked fine before. Now it is intermittent. It will work, then stop, then come back, then stop again, then start working and then work for hours. But each time it starts out for about 30 minutes it continually starts and stops.

    I've changed out the cable to see if it was the cable. No difference.

    I have Android Auto on my Jeep and it works fine with no issues with this same phone and cable.

    Anyone else have similar issues?

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    I have a Samsung S10E and it took 3 cables to find one that worked reliably

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      Well, I have experienced weirdness with AA in my Honda car - so, might not be too different between AA and the bike in some situations.
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      • #4's so odd because AA operates flawlessly on my 2018 Jeep...

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