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  • Frustrated with dealer

    So this is why I hate taking my bike to the dealer, and why I use Cruiseman’s videos to do as much maintenance as possible myself. My seat heater fails just about every ride. I posted about it here in the past but no one else had experienced the problem. I get the failure indicator on the dash – both seat icons flashing. When that happens the seat heater won’t come on. If the heater is already on, it shuts off. If I shut off and restart the bike it may work again for a while, but usually within 30 minutes it quits again, sometimes in just a minute or two. It’s under warranty (2018 Tour) so I took it to the dealer. Showed them a video of the failure indicator on the dash. Sure enough, next day they call me and say it’s working in the shop and come and get it. I remind them that they saw the video of the failure and they’re going to have to put more effort into fixing it. Four days go by and I get a call today saying they can’t get it to fail, and besides, because of the aftermarket seat and wiring, they won’t troubleshoot it. I bought the bike new from a different dealer, bone stock with zero miles on it. I have not changed the seat. Told the service writer this, and that there is no point in my picking up the bike to have the seat heater fail before I get home, bring it back and we start all over again. I told him to contact Mother Honda and see if they have heard of this problem, or if an early 2018 might have different wiring. He’s going to look into it and call me back. Sorry for the long post. I had to vent.

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    I was blessed when I lived in MA, the Honda dealership in Arlington, MA was terrific!!

    out here in NV i have to rely on a “Powersports” and well they are horrible.....thankfully I have a GREAT guy that works on my Wing.....

    sorry about your troubles, but MOST “Dealerships” sell you the bike then that’s that

    good luck

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      And oftentimes the guy/gal who worked on your bike last month is not employed there this month. I imagine it's tough to keep skilled mechanics when some of the dealerships keep their mechanoc busy by working on Honda lawnmowers, generators, weedwackers, and the occassional Goldwing.
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        If you have the factory seat put it back on and see if it still does it.

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          For you new to Honda guys.

          Honda's policy is simple.

          If a Dealer can't find a problem (Through incompetence or otherwise)

          Honda WILL NOT AUTHORIZE a repair the said dealer tech CAN"T find.

          Honda's procedure.
          A Dealer first has to find a problem the customer claims. (Before calling techline)
          1. The tech has to replicate the complaint.
          2. The tech has to isolate the root problem.
          3. If the tech gets stuck in finding the root cause?.
          4. The tech then calls "Honda Techline". for further diagnostic instructions that are not in the service manual.
          Only Techline can authorize what in not in the service manual.
          5.Techline then instructs the dealer tech on what to try next. until the issue is resolved.

          Having had 11 completed warranty repairs on my 04. (On Honda's dime.)
          I can tell you. Honda Stands behind their products!

          People tend to take out their frustrations with incompetent dealer tech's, On Honda! (And that's just wrong)

          Whenever you run into a dealer who will not or can not find a problem with your bike.

          Call customer service in Torrance. (That is the first step in letting Honda know your dealer isn't complying with a warranty issue)

          Motorcycle Division American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
          Phone (866) 784-1870

          FYI-Honda does not own any Dealers- They are privately owned!
          Dealers do have certain obligations to Honda, in order to Buy/Sell/Warranty any Honda products.

          Remember Honda can't fix what they don't know is broken.

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            Thanks for the input Rocky. If this doesn't get resolved I'll contact customer service in Torrance. My beef is definitely not with Honda. It's my local dealer that's giving me the grief. They have not taken the bike for a ride. Sometimes it takes 20 or 30 minutes before the failure occurs. I'm glad I provided them with the video of the failure indicator on the dash. Without that they could insist there is no failure, but I have shown them proof that it does. I haven't heard anything from them today...

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              It was very wise & smart of you to video the failure. It will help the Honda Rep when Honda gets involves.

              The Rep is regional, and goes to dealers to resolve Honda warranty issues.

              Especially if a local dealer can't figure out the complaint.

              Trust me. Honda wants your bike working correctly as much as you do.
              Life is Tough, But It's Tougher If You're Stupid: "John Wayne"

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              Sadly it's not just Honda. I bought a new Indian and a new BMW from the same dealer at the same time. Every time I took the either back for warranty work, it was painful. The battery died on the Indian within 2 months. They didn't want to replace it. The BMW sat at the dealer with transmission problems that only showed up when the transmission was hot. It sat for over a week until I called and the service manager tells me the bike has been ready that they rode it in the parking lot and couldn't find a problem. I ended up taking it to a private BMW certified tech and paying him to find and fix a faulty part in the transmission.

              Next Saturday I'm taking my new 2020 non-Tour to a dealer to have the SiriusXM antenna installed (why I have to do this when the radio comes with SiriusXM is beyond me). The dealer tells me they have never done this before. I'm a little more than apprehensive about them doing the work...

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