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    I just replaced the original battery. It did not hold a charge. Got 5K miles on 2018 Goldwing tour. The bike is 3 years old. Is that normal?

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    Have you been putting it on a battery tender?..and how long does it sit without riding?
    My 2011 Ducati has the original battery still. I keep all my bikes on battery tenders when not in use.

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      I have a 2018 Tour as well with just over 20k miles on the original battery. In the offseason, I put the battery on a tender.
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        I typically get 5-6 years on a MC battery. Just replaced the battery on my 15 Indian Roadmaster, my 18 GW Tour's battery is just fine. Live in New England, indoor but unheated storage, always on a trickle chargers when not being used on a regular basis.

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          I agree you should have gotten a lot more out of your battery. I put a battery tender on mine but wasn't using it about two months mine went dead lucky I just started using it again with no problems at all. Down here in Florida are batteries don't lass as long but with my tender I should get the longest longevity possible. Ride safe Ride A Lot.
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            I`ve mentioned this before how I am still going strong on my original battery in my 2006 Goldwing, don`t do anything during our winter months except start up the bike on a warmer day, just cause it`s warm and I want to listen to

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              First off, there are no 3 year old 2018 bikes yet, although they are getting close. Mine has 57,000 miles on it and the battery is great even though I live in Phoenix where they say batteries live only a couple of years. I averaged over 5 years on each of my last two wings and expect to get that much on this one too although I will have to wait and see.

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              • biglefti
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                It does, mine shows 12-17

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                Oops...that's from the bicycle world. VIN decal these days.

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                Oh well, I found it.

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              I have four motorcycles and three of them are always on a tender when they are not being used. I get between 5-6 years on the batteries on a regular basis. The one bike that is not on a tender has a shorai battery in it. It has never had a tender on it and it is six years old. I am leaving the tender off this battery on purpose to see how long it will last. I too live in the desert in Arizona and this climate is really tough on batteries. BTW, I just replaced the battery in my car that was 7 years old. It was a Diehard and gave me excellent service. It was replaced with a........................................Diehard.
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