2018 DCT Tour Pulling to the Right - Normal?

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  • 2018 DCT Tour Pulling to the Right - Normal?

    I have a 2018 DCT Tour bought new last year with about 3800 miles and in the last week or so it's started pulling to the right quite a bit to the point it's become quite annoying. Has anyone experienced this and if so any feedback on why it would become worse would be appreciated. (if I had a chain-driven bike I'd know to align the rear wheel but this is my first Wing and driveshaft bike.)


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    Have not noticed that on mine. Mine tracks pretty straight.
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      Mine too rides straight and true.... might be the shape of the road you are traversing on.....

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          Check the weight distribution in your saddle bags. Mine tracked right until I shifted my toolkit. I also mentioned it in the thread kiptap posted.
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            Thanks for the feedback.

            It does this on any kind of road given that I travel many different roads and with the saddle bags/trunk empty. I also don't drive with both hands off the handle bars but I do rest one arm at a time and that's when I noticed it about a week ago; before that it would run real straight so wondering why it would start that all of a sudden. I keep a close eye on tire pressure. I also noticed a more evident vibration/grind when it shifts up which before I would only notice when I really gunned it. Trying to avoid having to bring it to the dealer as it is a pain in the butt, why I was hoping to get some pointers on what else to look for.

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              Seems like you may have some tire issues check the balance weight on the rims of your tires, check tire pressure make sure theres no damage to the tires if that dozen work its back to the dealer we pay a lot for them get it checked out. Haven't read about the problem you described especially with this new ride.

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                2018 DCT Tour Pulling to the Right - Normal?

                Your bike is normal.

                Honda does not make LEFT Leaning motorcycles.

                That's just Wrong.

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                  I would try this if you don't want to go to the dealer.
                  This is what I would do. I'm not saying that this could be the fix, but what could it hurt but some time and labor.
                  place bike on center stand
                  Loosen the main axle bolt 22mm
                  jack up bike under engine till rear wheel touches
                  pull the front fender,
                  pull the brakes calipers 14mm DO NOT ACTIVATE FRONT OR REAR BRAKE HANDLE OR PEDAL
                  Check those calipers and pads for uneven wear, although I don't think they can cause alinement/drifting issues (but hey at least you know where your pads are at)
                  loosen all pinch bolts 10mm,
                  loosen that main axle bolt out about a half inch and lightly tap it in (with a rubber mallet) to get it to expose the two holes on the other side of the axle.
                  use a Philips screw driver to slide through the holes and wiggle the axle out
                  a bit but put it right back (the point is to reseat it)

                  install/tighten the
                  axle 17mm & 22mm 44ft lbs.
                  install calipers 14mm 31ft lbs.
                  tighten abs side pinch bolts 10mm to 16ft lbs. check it a few times

                  I would say here's the key
                  pull the jack, hop on the bike, take the bike off the center stand and
                  pump the front shock a few times holding front brake to seat the axle
                  tighten right side pinch bolts
                  double check the pinch bolts again both sides
                  install fender

                  Pump up the tires one extra pound, 37 front, 42 rear
                  Hit the road and check the drift on several streets
                  if its fixed, congrates on a job well done, If not well... at least you know where you brake pad wear is at and you tried.

                  kiptap - Paul
                  Bolingbrook, IL (Greater Chicago Area)
                  1979 Kawasaki Z 200
                  1981 Kawasaki GPZ 550
                  1996 Honda GL 1500SE
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                    Mine has started pulling right also. A tire change has solved the problem with other bikes. Hope it does with this one.

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                      Max McAllister of Traxxion Dynamics has a lot of YouTube videos regarding issues with the DCT Tour front suspension. You might want to take a look.
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