Scala Q2 and Galaxy S8 issues.

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  • Scala Q2 and Galaxy S8 issues.

    Hi All,

    I successfully paired my phone, contacts and setup speed dial, but with no headset connected I couldnt talk or hear anything. My first attempt to connect headset failed because headset battery died . OK, charged headset, I have it connected as Rider headset, enabled for phone only. Tried setting for music, but no luck. Turned off music from phone and still isn't available. I say OK. It should at least work for phone. NOPE! It shows connected for phone and headset. Placing call immediately turns on headset, but nothing comes thru headset. Volume set to max. No combination seems to work. Phone will make calls, but nothing in headset. Next attempt is pair headset with phone only and see how that works. I guess either way I wont be able to listen to music thru headset.
    Last resort is to replace working headset with newer design. Any suggestions there as well welcome!

    Thanx for reading!

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    Well I can pair the headset to my phone and use that feature, just no music from bike. I have music option thru phone, but not easy to use while driving

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      Do any of the headsets allow you to hear usb, gps and fm/xm radio from bike over headset or is only phone available?

      Thanx - Dean

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        I have several bluetooth headsets that I have paired to the bike and I listen to music that is on my USB. I also have a Bilt helmet from CycleGear that has a Sena unit built in and it pairs with the bike and I can listen to my music from the USB. I prefer using the headsets as the ear buds seal off most of the ambient noise and the music is crystal clear at a reasonably low volume.

        If I'm wearing the Bilt helmet, I connect it to my phone and not the bike. I still use my headset [connected to the bike] for the music. If I get a call I mute the music from the bike and answer the call with the helmet. I can do everything with just the helmet through the bike but I just like having the earbuds in to cut back on the ambient noise.

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          Having some problems myself heading out to my local dealer for some help this morning. I believe my headset is to old of a bluetooth technology i know you need the newest at lease 4.1 to work with these new bikes. Will try to post what i find out later.
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