Battery life with key on?

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  • Battery life with key on?

    Hi All,

    New owner of 2019 Tour with questions about battery. I can't find a search for only 2018 Forum and haven't found anything else. I've been playing with all the options trying to get a feel of functions. I keep worrying about killing the battery leaving key on too long. Any hints, tips or tricks to keep that from happening or am I fretting about nothing? I know accessory mode is better, but not all things work there.

    Thanx Dean

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    It is well known fact, that you'll kill your battery if you leave the key on while listening to the radio. or playing with the functions.

    The Electrical draw will pull volts out of a healthy battery.

    You'll know you waited to long to hook up a tender, when the bike refuses to start.(But slightly cranks)

    My advice is to keep a tender plugged into the bike while the ign is on.

    I leave the 1800 on a "Tender Plus" when I'm off the bike.

    I have 3 of these for my other bikes.
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      Search for "Deltran Battery Tender Jr 12V Maintainer Charger" available at Wal*Mart, most auto supply places, and some *Home Depot* locations (really!)

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        Thanks All. I have a tender, just havent started tearing it apart to hook up. I'm making my list with top trunk rack, rear high mount led light, backrest and fog lights. When I strip it for these things I'll add tender lead. In the meantime I'll keep key on to minimum or run it.

        Thanks again

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