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  • Save favorite from map?

    Hi All,

    I just traded my 2012 Goldwing for a 2019 Goldwing Tour red 6spd. I've been going thru owners manual figuring out these new features. I'm supposed to have a separate navigation manual, but didn't get one. Looking at the online version in pdf says I can save a favorite picking location from map. Has anyone figured if this is possible? My home location comes in half way down the street so I want to pick a spot I'm currently sitting at. We also have a trailer in a seasonal campground so I want to save that spot also. If I ever stop somewhere and just want to add it to favorites, it would also be nice. Anyone able to do this?

    Thanx - Dean

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    This should help

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    • deanrd
      deanrd commented
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      Awesome! Thank you for the quick response!
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