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    this has to be the best vehicle I have ever owned.. does everything I want from a motorcycle and MORE.. it is a marvel of modern machinery and yes I know the tech has been around for years... Honda has always made strides to build a better motorcycle, if you look it up Honda is a front runner for motorcycle tech....for those who have never taken one for a ride, please reserve your opinions before you give a lamebrain comment on what it is and isn’t, talk like that is pure jealousy IMHO....

    the 2018 takes off like a rocket and the shifts are seamless and true..... no human could shift faster OR more effective.... it’s has more than enough HP for me as I rarely travel at anything over 100mph...I still think 120mph should have been the limit.. as far as storage goes I lash my old carry on but stiffened the Back so it would stay rigid and lashed tight to the bike....

    if if I had MY way I’d love a FB6 with the modern updates ... good looking functionality and fun.... Honda hit a home run with the DCT and the future of motorcycle design is going towards, and with modern technology..

    Went on a nice trip to Utah with a pal and just finished cleaning my bike and just wanted to share my opinions with the board..


    2018 Pearl Stallion Brown DCT

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    Hey Matt, unbelievable you would run the bike down like this, I LOVE mine!

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      Your so right Honda hit a Home run with this dct. bike love mine too cant stay off mine.
      2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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        I can't believe you rode to Utah and didn't stop and say Hi! Glad ya like the bike!
        DS#1146 IBA#55800 50CC,BBG, BB1500 x2, SS2K, SS1Kx3 CERTIFIED ALL DS, PGR RC
        2010 Level3 Endeavor Reverse Trike

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          WTF Buddy. If we knew you had some good weed,
          We'd of stopped by last weekend.
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          Maker of the 01-17 GL1800
          "Rocky Tree & Comfort Risers".
          Current bikes.
          1981 CB900C 10 speed (Restored)
          1986 GL1200 SEi
          2004 GL1800

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            I’d buy that.....

            im a sucker for anything Honda...

            as for your first comment... you should have!!!


            2018 Pearl Stallion Brown DCT

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            • Rocky
              Rocky commented
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              We went back to the scene of the crime on Friday,
              Had dinner at Gordon Ramsey's in the Paris,
              Then went the the Mirage for the Cirque de sol le beatles show.
              Great show.

            • Mattbcnv
              Mattbcnv commented
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              Wow what a night, Ramsey’s restaurant is great and as for the Beatles, ya can’t go wrong with that!!
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