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  • Trunk rack luggage

    Has anyone installed any Saddleman luggage on a Honda luggage rack? Just trying to see which one is the biggest that I can fit without falling off.

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    i plan on loading this one up on the honda rack in a couple of weeks. not a saddleman but you can get an idea of the dimensions...if that helps.

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      I have 2 bags, one Saddleman (R1000LXE) of 24 liters capacity which fully fits on footprint on the Honda Rack, see foto's. This is for multiple day trips (4-6 days) with either camping solo or Hotel where the Honda bags in saddlebag have not sufficient space.

      I also have a larger 50 liter Bigbike Ultragard bag which I use for multiple weeks vacation with camping. As this bag is a littlebit oversticking and also will collopase when not loaded, I have stick a plastic sheet inside which I curved 90 degrees to hold the bag firm and also positioned. I also fitted other straps to more align with the Honda Rack

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        I have that same Saddleman bag for my trunk rack. Perfect fit!

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          I have two Nelson Rigg bags, 71 liter & 40 liter, both are quite secure on the Honda luggage rack, very easy to attach. I mainly use the 71 liter bag with my hitch rack.

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