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    I've been looking at the Rivco and Show Chrome trailer hitches for the 2018 GW. Any thoughts on which one is better?

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    I have been wondering the same thing. Also how easy is the Bushtec to install? The Rivco with the required Grinding of the welded bolts is a non-starter for me. The Show Chrome needs to have some bolt holes enlarged on the Goldwing. I have not found the Bushtec installation instructions to determine if that one requires and modification to the Goldwing. I would rather not be enlarging holes or grinding off OEM parts if I can help it.

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      If you are going to pull a trailer, go with the Rivco Hitch. I myself have installed the showchrome version last yeare because I only use it for a Luggage rack like the pak rack and is cheaper and was easier to get at that time. The Rivco has more install points (6) then the Showchrome (4) and thus more stable to take the forces of a pulling trailer. The Rivco has the 2 arms going up which are missing on the Showchrome Hitch.
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