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  • ExpertGPS

    Anyone have any experience using this program? I’m wondering if it will create better gps routes than any of the other options, AND work with the Honda nav system for 2018+. I’m having many issues with both HTP and Harley Ride Planner. They show the correct path I’ve created online on the pc, but frequently “do their own thing” when loaded to the bike, taking a different route for a portion of the ride. I like and used BaseCamp but frequently fail to get the gpx file to reliably trace my route when loaded to the bike.

    This system is sooo frustrating and at my age, I don’t have any spare neurons to burn up trying to make it work as a gps should.

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    A $75 version of Basecamp (more or less...) ... nope, none at all.

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      The routing algorithms used in Basecamp/HTP/HRP are not the same as that used in the Harmon unit in the 2018 Wing. If it's not tracing the same route as you see on your PC you should try adding more points to the route. Basecamp worked well with the older WIng GPS as both were made by Garmin and used a reasonable approximation of the same routing algorithm. What is really needed is for Harmon to come out with mapping software that matches the routing algorithm used in the GPS.

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        Thanks kwthom. I thought perhaps that was the case.

        Agree and thanks trews. Until a few weeks ago both HTP and HRP gave usable routes, but recently I’ve gotten deviations. I hadn’t thought of more shaping/waypoints. I’ll try that. The other thing I just thought of is that my dealer service recently put my bike on his computer and made some changes to remove what he called factory faults, one of which was the engine ECU. The bike runs even better than before, but I’m now wondering if it may have made some other changes. I’ve thought perhaps I would reinstall the last GPS fix. I had good routes immediately after installing that using HTP and HRP, but then moved on to explore Google Maps and Apple maps to get proficient there. After returning, I got my problems.

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