How to add Waypoints to a Trip (2018 Goldwing Tour Navigation)

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  • How to add Waypoints to a Trip (2018 Goldwing Tour Navigation)

    This should be fairly simple, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I live in Kingston, Ontario and I'm going to Americade in Lake George this June to have some accessories installed on my new 2018. So, I was able to find the hotel I will be staying at and put that in as my destination and the system came up with a route but not the one I want. The ride through the Adirondacks is beautiful, so I want to go through Cranberry Lake, Tupper Lake and Indian Lake. You would think that you should be able to type in the name of a few towns on the intended route and add them as a waypoints, thereby forcing the nav system to follow the route you want. According to the manual, you have to go into the Navigation menu and choose one of the six options. I thought the POI option would be the way to go, but there the didn't seem to be a method to just input a name of a village or town... at least I couldn't find one. Inputting an address, intersection or a phone number seems pretty silly to me. Hopefully, someone with more experience with the newer nav system can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated.



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    Use the Honda Trip Planner and then transfer the trip to a USB drive and then load the trip to the bike. Use NO SPACES in the trip name.

    Or, use the Harley Ride Planner and do the same. Honda and Harley both use the Harmon GPS system so the .gpx file will be compatible.

    You can also use the Garmin BaseCamp program, but you then need to run the output through the Babel (free) program to make it work properly. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it does work.

    If you use Apple CarPlay and an iPhone, you can also create a trip on google maps with several waypoints and “Share” it via email to you phone. As I remember, the limit on google maps is 8 or 10 including start and stop. Then simply connect the phone and click the link in the email and you are good to go. I’ve used that successfully several times, but if you disconnect the Bluetooth connection, you may loose the trip and have to start it again. For instance, if you leave the bike with your helmet and go into the C-Store for a receipt.

    I’m not aware of an easy way to make multiple waypoints on the bike and get good results. Hope this helps

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      The Harley trip planner is easier to use and loads into the bike just as easily. ive also had good success with google maps. Just make sure you place your way points ON the actual road so you wont have to delete on the fly.

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    Tried the Honda Trip Planner. Worked like a charm...very easy. Thanks!

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