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  • Trailer and the DCT Questions

    Hello !!

    I have a lead on a nice Uni-Go trailer for a good price! Wrong color, but once I get it wrapped, it's gonna be sweet behind my non tour 'Wing. I've been patiently looking around for one for some time and patience might have paid off. Before I drop my hard earned $$, I have a few questions that this community might have answers to.

    First of all, I know. Honda does not condone the pulling of a trailer. BUT, I know at least a few in here do. And I know the most popular trailer is likely the Bushtec. I don't think I need that much space. My wife rides herself on her Can Am and between her cargo space and mine, I think we got plenty even without a trailer. The 140 liters that a Uni-Go gives should be luxurious enough. and give me that extra space for those times she isn't traveling with me.

    What is the opinion here as far as any harm or wear and tear to the DCT in the 'Wing?

    Is the Rivco hitch my best choice?

    Wiring and isolator ... Show Chrome??

    Other things I need to worry about or think about????

    Thanks to anyone that has a moment to share.

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    I have towed a Unigo and the hitch is the key. It needs to be vertical like the one Bushtec makes for the 1833. Unigo sells a 1.25 tung that is vertical and should mate up. You will need a isolator lighting. Bushtec sells one made my Electrical Connection. I liked it when going to rallies and longer events it goes into the motels with you even up elevators. If you have any other questions please PM me.

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