Ciro 3d Electrical Connectors for water tight connection

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  • Ciro 3d Electrical Connectors for water tight connection

    I am going to purchase the trunk light from Ciro 3d. The Goldstrike Trunk LED light. I have the Show Chrome Isolator so I am not going to purchase the Ciro 3d wiring harness.

    Does anyone know what connector they are using on the device end of their product?

    I would prefer to make a connector that can be used by the Show Chrome rather than cut the original one off the Trunk Light. Typically I use Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Connectors since they provide such a clean permanent connection and are watertight but I think it would be easier to use a connector just in case I need to remove the trunk for some reason.

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    Well I have determined that the connectors are JAE MX1900 4 wire waterproof.

    Just need the wiring breakdown to create the pigtails to the Show Chrome Isolator for the brake, turn and running lights.

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