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  • Rivco Aero Pegs for sale ...

    Hi All,

    I've installed the Rivco Aero Pegs on my 2018 Goldwing, and at 5'5" (with a 30 inch inseam) they simply can't be positioned to work well for me. They have about 30 minutes of riding time on them. I've removed them and they are now for sale.

    These are them - https://rivcoproducts.com/shop/honda-goldwing/gw003/

    I'll sell them for $100 plus the cost of shipping them to you. I have every part, washer, etc.

    If interested email me at [email protected] to start the discussion.


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    I've gotten a good response to this posting, and will work with those who responded directly via email, in the order I received them. So, I consider this item to be sold. If the sale falls through I will re-post this ad. Thank You …. Gary

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      Sorry they didn’t work out for you. I love mine.

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        I hope to soon have a bike to try them on. good luck with your sale

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          He sold them. I have them. Now just need to install them :-)

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