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  • Dct

    In every ones opinion which is the best rider mode to use when towing and manual or auto ? What have you all found the best settings.

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    Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding your question.....my syntax decoder ring is broken..

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    • meshego1
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      Your syntax decoder ring is fine if n you're able to keep up with Rocky. lol

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    I believe he is asking which is the best DCT mode (Tour, Sport, Econ or Rain) to use when towing a trailer and also whether to use the DCT in automatic or manual mode. As I havent tried towing my Bushtec yet with my DCT I don't have any recommendations.

    Or he may be asking about the suspension setting. I'm not sure now that I read it twice.

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      I was unable to get Econ to provide enough power when pulling my trailer, so Tour mode seemed to work best for me. Of course, you can also use Manual, but not necessary.
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        Manual. Best off just buying the manual transmission. No company has ever offered an automatic transmission of any stretch of the imagination works or lasts as well as the manual. It's a sad day motorcycles are going that direction. My gosh, pull a lever, lift a lever to shift. It don't get any easier than that, except buying the DCT that does the same thing with 10 sensors and relays if you run in manual mode, and when don't shift, where do you go? Dealer. Right, they will get you going right away.

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          OK. I've been pulling my Mini Mate camper for almost a year now, covering several hundreds of miles, in all kinds of conditions. Mostly, I keep it in Touring mode, but if I'm in a situation that calls for a quicker response (merging into fast traffic, getting across a busy intersection quickly, etc.) I pop it into Sport mode. Once I'm cruising down the highway at a comfortable speed, I may choose Econ Mode. Only time I use Manual shifting is when I'm in twisty mountain roads and need to control when the shifting occurs. Never had a problem with the transmission as of yet. My bike is at the dealer as I type this, getting the 24000 mile check-up. I have nothing but praise for the mechanical aspects of this bike. (Don't get me started on the Navigation system, though.)

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            Thanks for your question its a good one thats for sure were to early in the development of the DCT to get you a good answer right now, the best thing you can do is test yours and get back to us with your findings i hope to be back on a wing in May it will be the DCT thats for sure.
            We live in a modern world now things are moving so fast its hard to keep up with the new technology. We will all being plugging are bikes into a wall socket at night and when at work i am a truck driver. My tractor is a 18 model has 24 computers on it board we currently have over 45 tractors 18s and 19s in the shop in are ATL Hub all needing computer updates there are times were they cant get to them thats the world were in now. The Newest way isn't the worst way???
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              I pull my Bushtec Quantum GL and forget its back there. I use tour-Rain in rainy situations-Sport when I need to really have a quick response in traffic or merging onto fast-moving traffic (but Tour allows me to do that very well). I have pulled my Bushtec with no issues at all in the various modes as I see best suits the driving situation. When out on the open road Econ mode really bumps my mileage up too! JMHO

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