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  • Klock Re Curve Windshield

    Has anyone installed the Klock Re Curve windshield on their 2018/2019 Goldwing? Would like to hear feedback on this windshield. Thanks!

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    Don't have an 18/19 but I have one on my 2013 F6B. Best windshield I've ever owned. I have a stack of the ones I took off trying to find a shield that directed the air properly for both myself and my passenger.

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      I tried one on my ‘12- didn’t do anything better than the stock one. Ended up with F4 Custom Plus 4- better; then Windbender- even better

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      • kwthom
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        Yeah...I gotta find a Windbender.

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        Well I tried one. With the stock shield I could easily see over it - 2 or 3 inches. With the KW I could not . . .at all! Sent it back for a reasonable restocking fee.
        'Bout it. Still looking.

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