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  • Klock Re Curve Windshield

    Has anyone installed the Klock Re Curve windshield on their 2018/2019 Goldwing? Would like to hear feedback on this windshield. Thanks!

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    Don't have an 18/19 but I have one on my 2013 F6B. Best windshield I've ever owned. I have a stack of the ones I took off trying to find a shield that directed the air properly for both myself and my passenger.

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      I tried one on my ‘12- didn’t do anything better than the stock one. Ended up with F4 Custom Plus 4- better; then Windbender- even better

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      • kwthom
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        Yeah...I gotta find a Windbender.

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        Well I tried one. With the stock shield I could easily see over it - 2 or 3 inches. With the KW I could not . . .at all! Sent it back for a reasonable restocking fee.
        'Bout it. Still looking.

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          I tried the Klock Works windshield on my F6B and returned it in favor of the F4 which I believe blocks the wind better.

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            Just ordered the Slip Streamer Clear Wraparound Touring Windshield for my DCT Tour. Went with them because they've been making windshields forever, they use aircraft grade acrylic and the price was right from Dennis Kirk.
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