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  • Pairing my Sena

    For those of you with a Sena...

    Having trouble getting the passengers’ Sena (10S) to pair with the bike
    The bike recognizes the Sena, because while the ‘ABORT’ screen is visible I can see the Sena label underneath.
    After holding the FM button for 5 seconds, the headset says ‘’Pairing’ and keeps beeping 2x for several minutes, but nothing happens, i.e. I never here the word ‘paired’, just the constant double beeping in the headset. I know there’s a step missing, but pressing the center button or the FM button does nothing. Pressing and holding them both of course turns the headset off.
    What’s missing?

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    at about 2:15 is exactly what the issue is. But heck watch the whole thing, subscribe and hit the like button...
    kiptap - Paul
    Bolingbrook, IL (Greater Chicago Area)
    1979 Kawasaki Z 200
    1981 Kawasaki GPZ 550
    1996 Honda GL 1500SE
    2018 Honda GL 1800DJ

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      Originally posted by kiptap View Post

      at about 2:15 is exactly what the issue is. But heck watch the whole thing, subscribe and hit the like button...
      Outstanding, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks! Steve

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