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  • International maps for 2018 Navi

    I have a friend in Saudi Arabia who bought a 2018 Goldwing in the USA and had it shipped to Saudi Arabia. He is trying to find out if there is a way to update the maps so that he has is home country's maps. Any thoughts?
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    Here is a link to Honda Customer Support Information. Maybe they can help him.

    Contact information for Honda Saudi Arabia
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      I think this will be very difficult.

      Living in the Netherlands, I have experience on the Honda GPS with the previous versions which where Garmin based even with US import (2006 and 2010 model) GPS which trough standard map Garmin map updates with unlock codes you could update the US map to become European Map.

      Now with the Harmon based 2018+ units this becomes more difficult I think. First of all Honda has seperate software updates to perform updates by region which only addresses the maps for that region. I just did the first European update on the GPS including map update which has become available from Honda Europe since this week, but managed via the Honda dealers. The US update software does not work for other regions like some European's who tried this with the US software back in october 2018 when this became available.

      For the Honda gulf region for which Saudia Arabia is part of, this will most likely be another Honda version including the maps for that region, but will not work on US bike.

      As HD is using also Harmon based units since years, I would advise the affected person to check through HD clubs in the Gulf region how they handled this issue with US spec. imports. I assume in the Gulf region there will be more HD's of recent years with the Harmon unit and facing similar problem when it was a US bike.
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        what is your map database version after the update (something ending Q?-????)
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